Welcome! My name is André, Freelance Photographer, Scuba Instructor & Digital Media Manager.

I present my website showcasing both my portfolio and the professional services I provide. 

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I provide my photography services as project packages. As time effort and time commitments vary by project or assignment, please contact me for a direct quote.

Real Estate

I offer a wide range of services when it comes to shooting houses, condominiums or communities. Rates vary by room numbers and specifications of the client. 


I offer professional-grade headshots as well as less formal fashion, family, and lifestyle shoots. Whether you are looking for a new headshot for your business card, website, or profile I offer a wide range of options and locations to suit every specification imaginable.

Event / Assignment

I am available for events, projects, or assignments. I offer hourly, half-day, and full-day rates suitable for any event or assignment that needs photographing. As time and effort commitments vary by project or assignment, advance notice of at least a week is required for me to be able to adjust my schedule to make myself available. 


How you display your products or inventory is important, so important that it might be the difference between making a sale and losing a lot of customers right off the bat. Your site visitors will always be drawn to an image before they read the text on the page, which means you need to be sure that your presenting quality professional grade photos to your potential customers. Hourly, half-day, and full-day rates available.

Why Scuba?

Basically the closest thing to flying you’ll get, scuba diving allows you to be immersed in the marine world without having the need to come up for a breath of air. Hardly having to deal with gravity makes you feel like you’re weightless and flying into the blue. Explore coral reefs, shipwrecks, and underwater structures all around the world.

Open Water Certification

The first certification anyone can get when starting out is your Open Water Diver certification. An open water diver is trained by a qualified instructor on how to safely and properly go down to a maximum depth of 60 ft (18 m) deep.

An open water certification course consists of:

  • Online coursework (6-8) hours depending on competency
  •  4-6 hours of classroom work
  • 2 confined water (pool) sessions
  • 4 open water dives
  • 1 Final exam


  • Must be in good health standing
    • If you do have any health ailments, a doctors’ written approval for you to go diving is required.
  • Have a passion for learning about diving and the underwater world.
Other Certifications I teach
  • Try Scuba (half of the Open Water Diver course)
    • Certifies you up to 30 ft with a qualified dive professional.
  • Nitrox (highly recommended) often paired with Open Water Diver course.
  • Fish Identification
  • Wreck Diver
  • Navigation

Scuba Instruction

Being a dual agency scuba instructor, I offer scuba instruction under two agencies, Scuba Schools International (SSI) and Scuba Diving International (SDI). 

Social Media Management

In today’s technology driven world, having a social media presence is essential in promoting your business. Whether you are a corporation or a small business looking to improve your online presence, my strategic approach will drive more traffic to your social channels and more importantly, your website. 

Why is social media Important?

In today’s technological day in age, having a social media presence is essential in promoting yourself or business. Its the most efficient and cost-effective way to market yourself, a product, or your business to millions of people worldwide.

What Platforms are key?

In todays day in age, there are two Goliaths… Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook: Founded in 2004 with 2.45 billion active monthly users. 

Instagram: Launched in 2010 with 1 billion active mostly users.

There are others to be mindful of like Twitter and Youtube which can be utilized in their own way, depending on what strategies you would like to employ. 

How should I use social media?

Social media offers many benefits to business owners, as it allows them to reach out to their customers and to gain the attention of more people/potential customers. A recent Social Media Marketing Industry report has shown that social media enables businesses to get exposure, traffic and gain market insights.

My Blog


Marine Debris is Suffocating South Florida’s Precious Waterways

Our oceans and coastal waterways are gasping for breath, being choked by trash, otherwise known as marine debris. In a report found by the World Economic Forum, they said, “Without significant action, there may be more plastic than fish in the ocean, by weight, by...

Photographing Jawfish with Eggs

Overview: One of my favorite fish in the ocean, the yellowhead jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons,) are a burrowing species of fish that make their home in the sand or rubble of reefs all over Caribbean and tropical Atlantic Ocean. Often times you will find whole...

APS-C vs Full Frame in underwater photography

In the field of underwater photography, making the decision of what gear to use can be cumbersome. As technology advances, APS-C sensor and full-frame cameras are becoming closer and closer in regard to image quality and shooting capabilities, but there are some...

Shark Diving in Jupiter

South Florida plays host to some of the best shark diving in the United States and Jupiter is one of the top shark diving destinations in the world. Not only does this part of Florida have large numbers of sharks, but is also home to a variety of high profile species...

Guy Harvey Research Institute Shark Tagging

Shark Tagging with the Guy Harvey Research Institute is one of the highlights of my job working at Pompano Dive Center as a divemaster. The Guy Harvey Research Institute is a non-profit organization partnered with Nova Southeastern University is one of the foremost...

Golden Mantis shrimp at the Blue Heron Bridge

The Golden Mantis shrimp was previously known only inhabit the waters of the West Pacific, but I was lucky enough to spot one at the Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach, Florida. I was diving on the west side of the bridge, sighting the mantis up on the sandbar towards...

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